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Honoring Our Ancestors
August 15, 2012

Greetings Fellow Family History Sleuths,

Getting ready to grab a little R&R this month, but looking forward to speaking in VA, NY, IA, OK and FL between now and early November. Hope some of you will come join me! And thanks, too, to all of you who joined me for my second ever webinar, Neglected History (available on CD if you didn't catch it). I hope you'll enjoy some of the genealogical tidbits here, and happy August whether you're spending it sleuthing or sunning!


Genealogy Round Up, August 9

A few weeks ago, I told an audience in Indiana that I often received unexpected calls on Fridays. Well, it's Friday and Vice President Joe Biden just called to chat about this piece I wrote on his roots. What a kick!
Joe Biden's Irish Roots

Cool article re: orphan heirloom rescue I helped with 
Message from the past: Hunters of family history get an unexpected gift 

151 Seton Shields Genealogical Grants since May 2000!
Seton Shields Genealogical Research Grants

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Genealogy Round Up, AuguSt 2

Yes, yes, yes! Slovak records! 
Update 27 July 2012

8/6/12 issue of Woman's World shares expert advice on tracing your roots (p. 19) from a few folks whose names might be familiar to you!

A Second Chance to Be a Genetic Pioneer

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Genealogy Round Up, July 26

Blown away to have my latest book reviewed along with Anthony Shadid's "House of Stone" 
Of Roots and Stones | Baltimore County Public Library

Is ancestry going private again? 
Ancestry.com Is Said to Be in Talks for a Buyout - NYTimes.com

Maisie Broadhead's Time-Lapse Video Shows Artist's Remake Of 1844 Photograph (VIDEO)

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Speaking at Indiana Historical Society Midwestern Roots Conference!

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Genealogy Round Up, July 19

All Your Pets Are Dead: Man Uses Old Home Movie to Conduct Conversation with His 12-Year-Old Self

Famous Irish American photograph to be recreated in Galway for new film - IrishCentral

So this is the situation with Ancestry.com and Ireland - office of 15 to 50 in Dublin.
Ancestry.com pledges up to 35 jobs within two years

"interest free bike loan?" 
Editorial Assistant position w/Who Do You Think You Are? magazine in Bristol

Loved this book about the other part of genealogist Hank Jones's life: 
Henry Z ("Hank") Jones, Jr. - Memories - The Show-Biz Part of my Life

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Seton Shields Genealogical Grants

Congrats to our recent grant recipient! Don't forget that you can apply here.

July 2012
The Genealogical Society of Douglas County in Oregon provides a library of genealogical resources such as books, magazines, cemetery records, obituaries, personal genealogical records and family histories. Their goal is to preserve these resources while making all of the records available to the general public. The grant award will allow them to purchase materials so they can build bookcases for storing and displaying their genealogical resources.

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Upcoming Events

If you plan to be near any of the events where I'll be speaking, I would love to meet you. It's always a kick for me when folks mention that they read this newsletter, my blog, Huffington Post or whatever, so don't be shy about introducing yourself!

For more information on these events, please see my Events Calendar. And if you're interested in scheduling me, just click here.

  • August 18, 2012 - Williamsburg, VA - The Tidewater Genealogical Society - "Hey, America, Your Roots Are Showing"
  • September 12, 2012 - New York, NY - New York Public Library - "Hey, America, Your Roots Are Showing"
  • September 29, 2012 - Manassas, VA - Ruth E. Lloyd Information Center (RELIC) for Genealogy and Local History - "Cases That Made My Brain Hurt"
  • October 11, 2012 - Waterloo, IA (delivered live via Skype) - Waterloo Public Library - "Trace Your Roots with DNA"
  • October 20, 2012 - Tulsa, OK - Tulsa City County Library Genealogy Center - "Cold Cases: Genealogists, Coroners and the FBI" and "Trace Your Roots with DNA"
  • November 3, 2012 - Pensacola, FL - West Florida Genealogical Society - "Right Annie, Wrong Annie," "Trace Your Roots with DNA," "Find That Obituary! Online Newspaper Research" and "Honoring Our Ancestors"
  • November 27, 2012 - New York, NY - The New York Public Library - "Trace Your Roots with DNA"
  • April 27, 2013 - Charlevoix, MI - Charlevoix Public Library - "Reverse Genealogy: Techniques for Finding Your Lost Loved Ones," "Find That Obituary," "Right Annie, Wrong Annie" and "Cases That Made My Brain Hurt"

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