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Honoring Our Ancestors Newsletter

May 15, 2009

By Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak

Megan Smolenyak SmolenyakGreetings Fellow Family History Sleuths,

Another busy month -- Anchorage, Alaska to Manchester, New Hampshire (thanks so much for having me!). I hope you'll indulge me if I ask a favor. Please tell your friends (and fellow society members) about all the terrific, free genealogy videos they can watch on www.RootsTelevision.com. There's a new episode of Down Under (our cemetery show), interviews from 2009 conferences in the US, England and New Zealand (look for NERGC next week), and lots of great stuff to watch (on your own schedule!), whether you're into Irish, DNA, books, how-to, or whatever. Folks seem to especially enjoy the fact that you can watch full-screen now, and societies tell us they're showing our videos at their meetings and/or watching to select speakers for future meetings. Lots of great uses! So please spread the word!



In this newsletter. . .

Genealogical Round Up, April 2

Ah, the joys of siblingship!
Sisters and Brothers Memoryshare

An education about what happened to Irish records in 1922:
Irish roots - The Irish Times - Mon, Mar 30, 2009

Great opportunity for those of Irish heritage
The Irish Times 150 | Home

What do you think? Is it him or not??
ksl.com - Producer, scientist say body unearthed in Duchesne is the Sundance Kid

Thanks to Family Tree Mag for spotting this! Check out these models portraying Ellis Island immigrants! I'm sure this is exactly the way it was for my great-grandparents.
ANTM Cycle 12 Episode 5 Part 3

This is a really cool record set if you have any London ancestry.

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Genealogical Round Up, April 9

This is a piece of good news!
Hudson Reporter - Hoboken library Ellis Island to get historic funding

Cool find by Thomas!
The Presurfer: 40 Hauntingly Beautiful Photographs Taken In Graveyards

Crocheting while trapped in the rubble. That's my kind of nonna!
Amid Italy's earthquake rubble, 98-year-old woman is pulled free | World news | The Guardian

If you love ScotlandsPeople like I do, check this out!
Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter: A Video Interview with Raymond Evans

no, No, NO!!! First Cologne and now this. Am I the only one who thinks some of the stimulus money should go to WPA-type projects to protect and preserve our history? What's already happened in 2009 makes it seem all the more critical.
GenealogyBank - The Official Blog: Archivio di Stato (State Archive) L'Aquila, Italy Destroyed by Ea

If you're experiencing a sense of deja vu, it's because this news came out in the UK at the end of February, but this is the first it's come out (outside of the genealogical world) in the U.S.
DNA testing: 'Roots' author Haley rooted in Scotland, too - USATODAY.com

Wish I had the time - especially since I have Wilkes-Barre roots as well. But maybe this if for you. Jennifer Rafferty is looking for a roommate to share her Italian genealogical jaunt!
WANTED: Fun-loving, Free-Spirited Travel Partner to Tackle Calabria | My Bella Vita

Wow, what a find!
Australian library finds copy of Schindler's list

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Genealogical Round Up, April 23

I'm supposed to be related to Barry Fitzgerald, so how can I resist?!
Irish Roots Fans

On my to-read list, but haven't gotten around to it yet.
Rutgers' Jefferson expert wins a Pulitzer - NJ.com

This sort of blows my mind . .

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Genealogical Round Up, April 30

Top Irish baby names in America: Don't mess with me because I'm #4 - "descendant of the brave warrior"
Top Irish baby names in America | | IrishCentral

Top 5 weird Irish bars: (I made it to McGuire's when I spoke in Pensacola)
The top five weird Irish bars | Ireland Vacations | IrishCentral

Susan Boyle's Irish roots
Irish photographs show Susan Boyle at family home in Donegal | Irish Celebrity Gossip | IrishCentral

Congrats to Brad Jencks! He also won a contest we had at RootsTelevision.com http://tinyurl.com/cxnjop
Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter: Teen-Aged Genealogist Wins $10,000 College Scholarship

Love this from @TheGenealogue - Top Ten Things You Don't Know About the 2010 Census
The Genealogue: Top Ten Things You Don't Know About the 2010 Census

My kind of story! Little girl's tombstone headed back to family
Little girl's tombstone headed back to family | GazetteOnline.com - Cedar Rapids, Iowa City

Another soldier comes home.
Sixty-five years later, a soldier comes home | Gary West | Star-Telegram.com

If you have Scottish heritage, you'll want to check out this video on RootsTelevision.com
Scottish Genealogy News and Events (SGNE): Interview with Raymond Evans of ScotlandsPeople

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Honoring Our Ancestors Grants

Congrats to our recent grant recipient! Don't forget that you can apply here.

April 2009
Alannah Ryane has been documenting a series of webisodes, called By Her Roots "The Search for Peter Martin." The videos are shot in Nova Scotia as Alannah explores her family history, and are available on RootsTelevision.com. The grant award will be used to upgrade Alannah's video editing software as she completes last webisodes of By Her Roots.

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Upcoming Events

If you plan to be near any of the events where I'll be speaking, I would love to meet you. It's always a kick for me when folks mention that they read this newsletter, my blog, Ancestry Daily News or whatever, so don't be shy about introducing yourself!

For more information on these events, please see my Events Calendar. And if you're interested in scheduling me, just click here.

  • May 30, 2009 - Marion, IN - Marion Public Library - "Trace Your Roots with DNA," "Beyond Y-DNA: Your Genetic Genealogy Options," "Reverse Genealogy: Techniques for Finding Your Lost Loved Ones," "No Man Left Behind" and "Mini-Film Festival"

  • June 17, 2009 - Washington, DC - 75 Years: The National Archives from a Community Perspective - Panel discussing the National Archives of the past and future
  • June 20, 2009 - Wichita, KS - Kansas Council of Genealogical Societies - "Trace your Roots with DNA," "Welcome to Roots Television," "Reverse Genealogy" and "Find that Obituary!"
  • September 11-13, 2009 - Spokane, WA - Eastern Washington Genealogical Society - Topics TBD
  • February 6, 2010 - San Luis Obispo, CA - San Luis Obispo County Genealogical Society - "Reverse Genealogy: Techniques for Finding Your Lost Loved Ones," "Online Newspaper Research," "Trace Your Roots with DNA" and "Right Annie, Wrong Annie"
  • March 20, 2010 - Round Rock, TX - Williamson County Genealogical Society - Topics TBD
  • October 16, 2010 - Louisville, KY - Louisville Genealogical Society - Topics TBD

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Please forward this newsletter to your family and friends who are interested in genealogy -- thank you!

Wishing you an abundance of genealogical serendipity!
Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak


Note: You are receiving this because you have demonstrated an interest (e.g., you have a story in one of my books, applied for a grant, attended previous events, etc.) or subscribed via my website, but please let me know if you do not want to receive any further emails, and I will promptly remove you from my list. And rest assured, this is my personal list and not shared with anyone else! Thanks, Megan

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