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Honoring Our Ancestors
October 20, 2021


Greetings Fellow Family History Sleuths,

Yikes! It's already October! How did that happen?

Well, October's offerings include bits and pieces about FamilySearch, Black history, soldiers, Donny Osmond, and the relief of not finding your surname in the latest obituaries. Plus, there's a fun profile of yours truly from Mashable. If you're interested in a little peek into my world, I'm confident you'd enjoy it.

Until next time, Happy Sleuthing!



8 Things You Didn’t Know about Jon Stewart’s Roots

Since Jon Stewart is back on the air with the new TV series, this seems a good time to share this:

Jon Stewart and his great-granduncle

Until a few years ago, Jon Stewart came into our living rooms four nights a week to both educate and entertain us. Now he uses his celebrity sparingly to support select causes such as keeping our commitments to and 9/11 first responders, but otherwise keeps a low profile. He didn’t, for instance, join Twitter until January of 2021. So he remains something of an enigma to most.

As a genealogist, I was curious about the ancestors who produced a descendant of such intellect and principle, so here’s a bit of information about his heritage — including an unexpected Mongolian and Chinese connection.

Click here to continue reading.

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Genealogy Roundup, October 13

The genealogy detective exposing family secrets – Sasha Lekach of Mashable forced me to talk about genealogy, y'all! 😉 Hope you enjoy this peek into our world!

Police investigate robbery at pub in Ireland founded by Joe Biden's ancestors – Not often I get a shout-out in an article about an Irish pub robbery, but I swear I didn't do it!

52 Years in 11 Days: A Son, Facing Death, Finds His Father – Gorgeous, moving story, beautifully told, with magic-of-genealogy undertones.

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Genealogy Roundup, October 6

Photo Credit: Kristine

Searching for the Descendants of Racial Terrorism – Features well known genealogist, Tim Pinnick.

Genealogy conference flashback. No disrespect to Donny Osmond at all (grew up loving his music and the shows he was on), but I met him the same day I met Cyndi Ingle and was waaaay more starstruck by her! 🤩

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Genealogy Roundup, September 29

Image Credit: NCinDC

When Black History Is Unearthed, Who Gets to Speak for the Dead? – “Can archeologists and genealogists, curators and artists, and, not least, everyday people who volunteer in cemeteries find a way out?”

First-Ever United States and the Republic of Korea Joint Repatriation Ceremony – I hope some of the soldiers I've researched over the years are among the six sets of remains repatriated from Korea. 🙏

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Genealogy Roundup, September 22

Photo Credit: FamilySearch International

FamilySearch Completes Digitization of Massive Microfilm Collection – Completes?!?

Bronx Serviceman, Killed During the Korean War, Accounted for 70 Years Later – Welcome home, 1st Lt. Anthony Ralph Mazzulla. Honored to have researched your family (2006).

Photo Credit: DPAA

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