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Honoring Our Ancestors
August 31, 2021


Greetings Fellow Family History Sleuths,

Well, this is perhaps my most random issue in a while. Sure, there's a touch of DNA as you've probably come to expect from me, but you'll also find an article about the man who was perhaps the first Black professional basketball player, a sweet tale about an Irish pub, a reunion story centered on a piano, a meme every genealogist can relate to, a deep dive into the burials on Hart Island, and so much more. If you've got a few minutes, I hope you'll also watch the featured video about an orphan heirloom rescue I did. The item in question was an old photo album that was found on the streets of Jerusalem, Israel. I had the pleasure of returning it to its original owner - who had no idea how it had wound up in another country! Check it out. I think (hope!) you'll enjoy it.

Until next time, stay dry and cool!



Orphan Heirloom Rescue: Photo Album Found on the Streets of Jerusalem

It's been a while since I've shared any of the digital tidbits I unearthed while decluttering, so I thought I'd post this one. I had totally forgotten it! It's one of my orphan heirloom rescues featuring a photo album found in the garbage in Jerusalem. I tracked down the owner (who was very wary at first!) and got to give it to him personally.

In case you're curious, no, I would never answer the door in my bathrobe (producers made me do that), but yes, that was my real life mailman, Vince!

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Genealogy Roundup, August 18

Photo Credit: cisc1970

There are Murphys, Grogans, Kellys: The forgotten Irish on a distant Bronx island – This is a fascinating read even for genealogists who are well acquainted with Hart Island.

Rapid City’s Halley family piano finds its way home after 80 years - Some years back, I struggled to find the right home for a family piano I was sentimental about. Finally found the perfect resolution, and these folks sure have as well. 🎹❤

Adoption story has several interesting twists, turns for two men – Balanced story. This one turned out well, but they acknowledge that's not always the case. Glad these fellows found each other.

Mom of six who turned her Irish pub into a hub of pandemic service gets $1 million surprise - ❤️☘️❤️☘️❤️

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Genealogy Roundup, August 4

Photo Credit: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland

Every Part of This Tiny Polish Village Is Covered in Lovely Floral Paintings – Not Osturňa, but Osturňesque

'Kind of like Jackie Robinson': Stunning legacy of Buffalo hoops pioneer, lost too soon - Had the chance to do a little sleuthing for Sean Kirst. Here's hoping Hank Williams (aka William Henry Palmore) finally gets his due. 🏀

Ask Amy: DNA reveals family secret and resentment – I wonder how many households are dealing with some version of this right now. 🧬

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Genealogy Roundup, July 20

Photo / Image Credits: Nevada Bob / Reno Gazette (Newspapers.com)

Paste Eater's Grave: Goldfield Pioneer Cemetery in Goldfield, Nevada – It's almost stranger if it's not true.

A V.I.P. Sneaks Into Town by Water - 🗽

Yeah, Jason Sudeikis Is Actually Kind Of Like Ted Lasso In Real Life – When someone you admire turns out to be even better than you thought.

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