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Honoring Our Ancestors
September 25, 2019


Greetings Fellow Family History Sleuths,

This issue has the customary blend of all things genealogical, but I'd especially like to draw your attention to the first article – the one about my Seton Shields Genealogy Grants program which I've decided to wind down next year.

I launched it in 2000 and there's just something so satisfying about bringing it to a close after 20 years in the year 2020! I wanted to be sure to give you a heads up IN CASE YOU HAVE BEEN CONTEMPLATING A GRANT APPLICATION! If so, please do it as soon as possible to maximize your chances of selection between now and next June. And tell all your genie friends!

Thanks so much! ??



20 Years of Genealogy Grants Winding Down in 2020

Waaaay back in the dark ages of 2000, I decided to launch a genealogical grants program. I was so thrilled at the prospect of being able to make a living at what I love that I wanted to find a way to give back, so my Honoring Our Ancestors Genealogy Grants program (later rechristened Seton Shields Genealogy Grants in honor of my mother) was born.

It’s kind of funny now, thinking back to those early days when it was a struggle to make a grant some months. Though I had been obsessed with genealogy since the ripe old age of 10, I was new to the professional world and the income wasn’t exactly rolling in! But I’ve been doing it steadily ever since – mostly monthly, but in recent years, larger amounts on a quarterly basis. I’m so glad I stuck with it because I’ve always been a believer in the water-on-a-stone concept – that notion that a drip, drip, drip approach can ultimately make a difference.

And what a ride it’s been! To get a sense of the wide variety of genealogical endeavors I’ve had the opportunity to support, please take a few minutes to explore here.

May of next year will be my 20th anniversary, and since next year will be 2020, I thought that might be a fitting time to wrap up. 20 years in 2020. In fact, if I play my cards right, it will also be the 220th grant! I have one other milestone I’ll be aiming for, but whether I reach it remains to be seen.

The reason I’m sharing this decision now is to give any fence-sitters – those folks who have been considering applying for a grant, but haven’t done so – a heads up that the clock is now ticking. Generally, grant applications remain active for 6 months, but since this is the curtain call, any made from this point on will stay under consideration until the end. Applications for fascinating, innovative, creative, and yes, even mundane genealogical projects (sometimes libraries need shelves, you know?) of all stripes are welcome!

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Genealogy Round Up, September 11

Photo Credit: MudflapDC

Soldier Accounted For From World War II (Ferrara, V.) – Welcome home, PFC Vincent J. Ferrara. Honored to have researched your family.

Soldier Accounted For From Korean War (Wilson, G.) – Welcome home, CPL Gerald Newton Wilson. Honored to have researched your family, and what an interesting family it is!

A New Leaf – In case you haven’t heard yet, a show for folks who think it shouldn’t just be celebrities who get their roots done for free! Random trivia: the host, Daisy Fuentes, is married to Richard Marx.

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Genealogy Round Up, September 4

Photo Credit: Sheena Jolley

The Irish of Barbados (Photos) – In case you haven't seen this before ...

Census Taker vs. Old Lady - SNL – census enumerator humor

Researcher Beware:

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Genealogy Round Up, August 28

Photo Credit: FOX 2 News

Act of kindness: Purse stolen in 1957 found, returned to owner – "From little old combs, lipsticks and keys to big secrets... Getting those memories to have and to keep, was more valuable to her than the money stolen out of it."

These Grandmothers Are Recording Ukraine’s Folk Music Traditions | Atlas Obscura – Love this!

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Genealogy Round Up, August 21

Photo Credit: Shawn Hoke

On the Hunt for National Treasures With America’s Archive Detective – Raise your hand if you want this job. (But at the same time, how sad it has to exist.)

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Upcoming Events

After traveling around and speaking in 40 states and half a dozen countries, I decided to take a breather from the road to tend to some projects. That said, I'm sharing exceptions here. And by the way, you can see if I’ll be in your area any time by checking my Events Calendar.

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