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Honoring Our Ancestors
April 19, 2017


Greetings Fellow Family History Sleuths,

Um, could someone tell me how it's already the middle of April? Where has 2017 gone? Well, here's a batch of genealogical goodies to slide into May with.

You'll find the latest grant (#199!) and everything from tartan flip-flops (yes, that's now a thing) to a grammar vigilante (who would probably be offended that I ended the last sentence with a preposition).

Until next time!



Seton Shields Genealogy Grant #199

This quarter, I awarded a grant to the Westside Cemetery Preservation Association to support their work of restoring and cleaning up the gravesites of enslaved African Americans and their descendants, found in cemeteries that have become overgrown and are largely hidden in secluded woods near sugar cane fields in West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.

You can read more about the work of the Westside Cemetery Preservation Association in this newspaper article and on their Facebook page, which includes a video entitled Amongst the Cane Fields that will give you a quick overview of the "who, what, and why of WCPA".

To join me in supporting their efforts, please consider making a donation via their GoFundMe campaign.

To apply for a Seton Shields grant, fill out and submit the form here. To see the types of cool projects I've had the opportunity to contribute to over the years, look here.

Coming attractions: Have you ever wondered how I choose who I award grants to each quarter ­ what makes an application stand out to me or be eliminated? I'll be awarding the 200th grant shortly; as a way of marking that milestone, I'll be publishing an article that will give you a behind-the-scenes peek into my grants program and the woman who continues to inspire my life and work. Stay tuned!

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Genealogy Round Up, April 12

Photo Credit: Bill Barber

The first world war helped shape modern America. Why is it so forgotten?

National Archives Store — Making sure we know about all elements of our history, the National Archives has ventured into the retro cocktail business.

Tartan Flip Flops - Any Tartan, with matching bag — Fill in the blank: Scotland and flip-flops go together like ...

Korean War veteran's remains identified — Article about one of my soldiers recently identified. I'm the one who called him out of the blue back in 2004. RIP, Sgt. Joseph Durakovich.

Woman who lived in former slave cabin visits Smithsonian

The journey to webinar #500 — Whoa! 500 genealogical webinars from Legacy Family Tree! Congrats on the milestone!

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Genealogy Round Up, April 5

Photo Credit: Luca Segato

Grand Hotel Campo dei Fiori — Very Grand Budapest Hotel-ish ...

Jessica Biel discovers Alton family roots

This underground railroad took slaves to freedom in Mexico — This reminds me of the research I did on Lin-Manuel Miranda's family - a little known aspect of our history.

True Doors - The Story Behind the Door — Cool idea - esp for nursing homes.

Soldier Missing From Korean War Identified (Durakovich) — Delighted to learn that Master Sgt. Joseph Durakovich is coming home. I had the honor of researching his family in 2004.

'Grammar vigilante' changes incorrect business signs across Bristol under cover of darkness — A man after my own heart. He's got an “apostrophiser.”

Seventeenth-Century Shopping List Discovered Under Floorboards of Historic English Home — 1633 shopping list

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Genealogy Round Up, March 29

Photo Credit: National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force / Facebook Live

World War II Flying Ace to be buried — Capt. Albert “Smiley” Schlegel buried March 30th. (An article re: one of the soldiers I researched for the Army.)

Jessica Biel Is A Little Bit Jewish

First Look at Noah Wyle's Journey

Reese Witherspoon Just Found Out She's Irish — um . . .

Actress Jessica Biel visits Miller County to explore her family history

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Genealogy Roundup, March 22

School Assignment Leads to Discovery of WWII Plane With Pilot’s Body Still Inside — Seriously cool story from Tara Penelope Calishain!

From a descendant of Roger Taney to a descendant of Dred Scott: I’m sorry — I remember our rival high school in Maryland was named after Taney. Finally changed in the 1990s. Bit by tiny bit.

Dolly Parton To Produce Show About Her Family History

Family treasures reunited with rightful bearers — Another orphan heirloom rescue!

Tom Bergeron learns details, some painful, of his family tree — re: a previous season's episode of Who Do You Think You Are?

TLC genealogy show brings Julie Bowen to town to study ancestor

Лідэр Aerosmith і «прынцэса эльфаў» — нашчадкі Флярыяна Чарнышэвіча — So I did an interview about Steven Tyler of Aerosmith (oddly, both his immigrant grandfathers had famous brothers - one an Italian musician here in the U.S. and the other a Polish writer in Argentina), and I don't quite understand it, but I love the translation of the title of this piece:

The leader of Aerosmith and "elf princess"

Perhaps we'll see more of this when Steven's daughter Liv appears on an upcoming episode of Who Do You Think You Are?

VA Selects UCF Historians to Archive Stories of Deceased Veterans

Actor Noah Wyle gets surprising news about Baton Rouge ancestor on TLC reality show

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Upcoming Events

After traveling around and speaking in 40 states and half a dozen countries, I decided to take a breather from the road to tend to some projects. That said, I'm sharing exceptions here. And by the way, you can see if I’ll be in your area any time by checking my Events Calendar.

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